At the same time as the interdisciplinary need, the MUNUS performative production is complemented with the editorial production of MANTEIA. Language from an abstract world. The book and the show, born around the same thematic research and realized through the same tools albeit in different artistic fields, move together, offering different translations of the same question: how to live together, between immunity and community?

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Bilingual edition: Italian-French

Curated by: ScieFestival, Association culturelle Sonagnon.

Choice of texts: Eric Acakpo, Francesca Pedullà, Nuvola Vandini

Text editor: Paola Mordiglia

Illustrations: Sara Bernardi, Marta Viviani & Guest

Graphics: Benedetta Stefani

Audio recording: Spectrum Studio

Coordination: Costanza Rosa

Translations : Alliance Francaise of Bologna

A collection of art and tradition under the sign of dialogue between different cultures. A collection of some of the most significant stories belonging to the FA: geomancy or divination technique, the word derives from the Greek geōmanteía geō “earth” and manteía “divination”.

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The Fa is a cultural archive of Indo-European, Middle Eastern and African influences, it is a compendium of fables, legends, songs, metaphors and symbolic references, as well as a method of divination, linked to the Vodun religion and practiced above all by the Fon and Youruba ethnic groups. The Fa is a key to understanding the customs and worldviews of many modern African cultures, connecting storytelling, chanting and sophisticated moral instructions to a mathematical framework that stimulates memory and provokes reflection and self-discovery.

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Each story of MANTEIA is illustrated by a different artist, thus weaving a drawing by several hands, representative of the collective gaze that the same tradition of FA proposes. Sara Bernardi, Marta Viviani in addition to having made the very first illustrations, they took care of the curation of the Team of Illustrators.

The book also includes some songs in the FON language, belonging to the FA. Recorded at Spectrum Studio in Bologna, with the music and voice of Eric Acakpo, the audio contributions will be downloadable through a QR Code inserted in the book.

The book is designed and studied for a childhood from 8 to 90 years, for this reason the stories are presented in a sparse and neutral way, to allow the young and non-young reader to imagine and make his own thoughts and reflective observation flourish.